What Animal Are You?

By Grace,

Take our Animal Quiz to find out what you’re like and what you could do!

Written by Grace


Got some spare time on your hands? Why not use this time to find out more about your key strengths, skills and even what jobs you may enjoy! These self-assessment quizzes are fun and an interactive way of learning more about yourself and becoming more self-aware!


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My Results:

Motto: “I’ll be in charge”

Facts: 3 percent of the UK population are Eagles. Eagles are symbols of power, leadership and strength, often soaring high to generate new ideas and new ways to do things. Others are often willing to follow due to their good ideas and their determination to make them happen.

Job Roles:

· Retail Manager (was my previous job role!)

· Sales Assistant (also used to work as this!)

· Business Advertiser

· Accountant


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