How Joining A Club Or Society Can Make You More Employable

By Amber,

Written by Becky

People often dismiss hobbies and interests as relevant information for your CV, but there are in fact a lot of transferrable skills which you develop in activities that you can use in the workplace! We offer a variety of clubs and societies at Staffordshire University, including but not limited to the following…

  • Sports clubs such as football, boxing, rugby, lacrosse and netball.
  • Societies such as poker, mental health and wellbeing, film and media, debating and amateur dramatics.

As well as the teams above, we also have a cheerleading club on campus, which I have been a member of since 2015. During this time, I began coaching the team and then progressed to the role of head coach and was elected president. As well as president, there are other committee roles you can have as part of a society, such as finance and social secretary. Having a position on a committee further develops your skills useful for the workplace, such as leadership, goal setting and time management.

I have adapted the skills learned from being on a sports team to help me with my work as careers coach, an example of this would be active listening. Being on a team, you get to know the members really well and confide in eachother, sharing experiences and support. This has equipped me to listen to the students who seek careers advice and understand their situations and goals. Being a cheerleading coach has helped me to accurately set tasks and goals for people to reach their potential.

Cheerleading support the other sports teams on campus, including the American football team, Staffordshire Stallions, who we have worked closely with for many years. I have spoken to past members of both teams to give you an insight into what skills they have developed which they now use in their successful careers!


“During my time as a cheerleader, I learnt the value of team work. How you have to work as a team to achieve your goal. Our goal for the year 2005/2006 was to compete in our first ever cheerleading competition. As a team we worked so hard and practiced every day, until our competition routine was perfect. That year we competed in our first ever competition and came 2nd in our group. The thing about team work is that you may not all be friends, you may not even all get along but you all want to achieve the same desired outcome. My current role as a CSI relies heavily on team work, not only at complex crime scenes, where you and your colleagues are there for hours and hour’s painstakingly recovering and recording evidence but also on a day to day basis. Being the treasurer for the team taught me the responsibly of paying bills, as simple as it sounds. If a minibus wasn’t arranged and paid for then there were no cheerio’s going to the game that Sunday!”

– Beth Nurse, Scarlettes Treasurer 05-06, currently working as a Senior CSI for West Yorkshire Police and a Teacher Practitioner in Crime Scene Science at the University of Lincoln.


“During my time at University I was a member of the Staffordshire Stallions American Football Team. Playing for the team has helped develop my professional skills for work in the legal sector. The sector demands a high level of self-confidence, as well as stamina, and perseverance; all of which are vital attributes for American football. I was also a member of the Law Society, which aided my professional development in a more direct way. The Society organised a number of networking events and competitions, which gave me the opportunity to practice key professional legal skills with a view to becoming a Barrister.”

– Harry Ball, Staffordshire Stallions, currently working in the legal sector.


“It would be easy to roll off the cliche comments that my time on a Uni sports team gave me ‘good team work skills’ or ‘built my confidence’. Yes these are key employment skills however when I reflect on my time on the team they are not actually the key elements that got me to my current situation today. The key skill I developed and use every single day is that of ‘communication’. Whether with league officials, union administrators or most importantly my teammates, University Sports at Staffs gave me opportunity time and time again to head out of my comfort zone and develop into a confident speaker and communicator. A skill I could not work without, and a skill that in all truth, was developed far more by my love of a team and sport than the academia I joined Staffordshire University to pursue.”

– James Tucker, Stallions President 01-04, working as an Assistant Head Teacher.


“I joined cheer because it was good for exercise and it was a social thing to do and a good way to make new friends. I then chose to join the committee in my final year after I had built up confidence throughout the 2 previous years of doing cheer. It’s developed my leadership skills and helped me grow in confidence. It’s helped further develop my organisational skills and teamwork. Getting to work with the other committee members, coaches, other cheerleaders and the union is very rewarding. Being on the cheer committee gives me a sense of pride in myself and the whole team.”

– Becky Bates, Scarlettes President 20-21, currently studying BA (Hons) Events Management at Staffordshire University.


As well as boosting your employability skills, joining a club or society can increase your confidence, encourage you to be more active and also meet a lot of new people who you share common interests with! For more information please visit


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