Calling all Animators – Here are Your Top Tips to Help Secure a Graduate Role

By jp4,

Guest Student Blogger: Julianne Farmer, Level 6 Animation BA (Hons)

Graduation, it’ll mean something different to everyone, it brings on feeling of achievement, pride, relief, but those good feelings can be accompanied by worry, fear, uncertainty, and anxiety as we’re now faced with an array of decisions to make for ourselves. The first step to “adulthood”.


  • Build a great demo reel or showreel. The main thing you need to get across to your future employer is that you have the skills to pay the bills. So, showcase them well. As a suggestion – starting and ending with your best pieces of work will really pack a punch, first and last impressions are a thing. Spend time on this, all the time you need to get it looking professional and sleek, you want to make a lasting impression. Remember, companies get piles of reels and if there are errors in your work or editing, people notice! You spell check before sending an important email, right? Apply the same to your demo reel!
  • Make yourself easy to find. Create a website, social media platforms – LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter – that are easily accessible, make sure everything is up to date and works! Employers want to be able to click and view your work easily. A quick tip on this topic, if you make yourself a tag stick to it and utilize it in your logo and across all your platforms.
  • Polish your CV. Ideally, you’re looking for an up-to-date, easily readable, and short CV. That doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Want to stand out? Opt for a creative CV that’s artistic and fun and really pushes you forward as brand. If you want, you could even animate your CV! People are visual creatures, keep it simple and to the point.
  • Now start applying! Now you’ve got all your tools ready to go it’s time to start applying, sign up to job alerts, get notifications on the jobs you’re looking for. Most job websites have the option to notify you daily. Draft a personalised cover letter to send to each company you apply to, make it a bit personal, why not? My tip would be – apply to as many as possible, even if you don’t have all the qualifications do it anyways. The worst they can do is say no. Remember there is always a company looking to hire fresh talent.
  • Work on side projects! You don’t need to put the breaks on your other projects while looking for a job. People are interested in people who have their own initiative to create and make something of themselves. Collaborate with other artists, work on a personal project, volunteer, take commissions, do work that will fulfil you and get you noticed while having fun!
  • Build connections and keep your ears open. Personal connections count for a lot. Attend animation events if you can, why not enjoy yourself and network at the same time? If you know someone in the industry, don’t be shy, ask if they’ve heard about jobs or internships and let them know you’re available. Employers are looking for personable employees and if your friend can vouch for you even better. Do your fellow animators the same favour and let them know if you heard about a job that’s the right fit for them!
  • Don’t give up. I know it seems like a lot, but you’ll get there. Use the spare time while jobhunting to really hone your craft. Get good at what you do, we have access to so many professional standard books and courses in this digital age, make use of it! Be persistent and you will be rewarded.

So, there you have it! The only thing to do now is start today. You’re the only one that can get you there, remember that saying “Do one thing that scares you everyday.”? Do that today, whether it be animating a piece for your showreel, applying for the job you want, or building your website. Just start it, and get the momentum going, you won’t regret it.

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