Job-Hunting… Where To Begin

By Gemma McCann,

Written by Sarah Hartley.

Students predominantly attend university with the goal of getting a job at the end of their degree, however, it’s sometimes a struggle to know where to start! Developing good job-hunting habits is essential to getting a job.

What to do when job-hunting:

1. Network:

Networking is one of the most effective tactics when it comes to job-hunting. When an opportunity arises, introduce yourself and start a conversation, and get to know new people. Where you are doesn’t matter; opportunities to network are everywhere, and you never know where the connection or conversation may lead.

2. Enhance your credentials:

What are your career goals? Once you know the answer to this question and know where you want to go, you can start looking into conferences, seminars, programs, etc. which will allow you to expand your knowledge and make you invaluable to potential employers.

3. Boost your CV:

It is imperative to have a good CV. You want to make a great first impression, and having a good CV allows you to do this. Your CV needs to make you stand out; ensuring you’re not overlooked by employers or recruiters. Before applying for jobs, fine-tune your CV, and ideally get it reviewed.

4. Practice interviewing:

If your CV is accepted and you are invited to an interview, make sure you’re ready. Interview skills can be perfected in several different ways:

· Roleplay with a friend/family, where they ask you interview questions

· Record yourself, and see where you could improve

· Use a mirror to see how you present yourself

5. Utilise what Staffordshire University has to offer:

The University has a team who are trained to aid you with all of the above, and more. Our skilled Career Coaches offer peer-to-peer support, regarding any career-related queries you may have. Appointments can be made through our website, MyCareer. As well as this, MyCareer shows all the roles available to students; with emphasis on graduate-level roles.

Hopefully this will help you when job-hunting! If you require any assistance, feel free to contact the Career Connect team!

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