How To Have A Productive Summer!

By Gemma McCann,

Written by Gemma McCann

Happy Summer!

Exams and assignments are coming to an end, and I know that many students will be preparing for summer; going home, having barbecues, and sun, sun, sun! This time of year however can be valuable in enhancing your employability and future prospects.

How can I make my summer productive?

  • Create/update your cv – Summer can be a great time to start thinking about creating or updating your placement/graduate cv. This is a task that can be done so easily, no matter where you are, and it could save you a lot of time in the future! To begin, it can be useful to gather your educational background and personal details, you can then move on to your work experience and then you can start to think about what skills you may have gained. You can then have a go at putting your information together in a professional-looking cv, or you can contact the Career Connect Hub to help you finalise it.
  • Work experience – This is the perfect opportunity to gain some experience in your chosen field of study. Whether it be paid or voluntary work, any kind of work experience you can get will be both productive and advantageous in enhancing your skillset, gaining some work-based knowledge, and building your cv. It can also keep you as busy or as free as you like… You can choose your availability. If you are interested in this, but you don’t know where to start then contact us and we can help!

Work, rest, play:

Although it can seem tempting to do absolutely everything you can to utilise your summer, it is important to remember that you are most efficient when you are feeling your best; so a balance between work, rest, and play is key to success.

Remember! The Career Connect Hub is still open throughout the summer, so if you are around and would like some support then pop in and see us, or if you are away from campus this summer then book a digital appointment, or for general queries email in.

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