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Under One Roof was a partnership project between Staffordshire University, Keele University and key partners. It supported the growth of social enterprise across Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire.

Leading on from the success of Under One Roof is our new project, Social Enterprise Matters.

The aims of Under One Roof were:

  • To work in collaboration with key partners
  • To encourage students, staff and the wider community to consider social enterprise
  • To grow social enterprise into sustainable business to operate in the local economy
  • To identify and collaborate on funding streams
  • To act as one point of contact for social enterprise
  • To grow social enterprise networks
  • To record and monitor social enterprise activity
  • To become a knowledge exchange centre for social enterprise
  • To signpost and broker social enterprise activity
  • To champion social enterprise in Staffordshire

Under One Roof resources

The following article by Pete Twilley from the Creative Communities Unit shares the project’s successes, focusing in particular on the Showcase Event: http://see.unltd.org.uk/blogs/news/under_one_roof_showcase_event


Under One Roof Showcase Event

In May 2015 the Under One Roof Showcase Event brought together people who are involved in social enterprises from across the region.

Over seventy people from across the region attended, ranging from people wishing to develop their ideas for a project, to more established social enterprises as well as organisations which can offer support.

Staffordshire University students put together a short video of the Showcase Event, which you can watch below: