Photomarathon #CabanyalCanyamelarPielCeramica

Photo credit: John Snowdon
Photo credit: John Snowdon

On the 18th June 2016, the Valencian neighbourhoods of Cabanyal, Canyamelar and Cap de França hosted a lively Photo Marathon. Amateur and professional photographers came from Valencia and beyond to capture and share beautiful images of ceramics, architecture and everyday life in the Poblats Marítims.

Participants shared around 400 stunning images on Instagram and Flickr – check out
#CabanyalCanyamelarPielCeramica to see to see the ‘ceramic skin’ viewed through many different lenses. The event co-incided with the anniversary of a local bakery and a jazz festival, making it a very lively weekend in these three neighbourhoods which have struggled hard against destruction and continue to campaign and work to preserve, recognise and celebrate their important cultural heritage – the mosaics, tiled buildings and beautiful light that play witness to a unique way of life.

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Images on Flickr

Who was involved?

The photomarathon was planned and organised by the following organisations.

Ceramic City Stories and Staffordshire University supported the event, sharing parallel stories from Stoke-on-Trent.

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Danny Callaghan shares Ceramic City Stories from Stoke-on-Trent