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  • Who’s Listening? Apple Releases the HomePod
    Apple ventured into the market foray of smart speakers today with the release of its HomePod – joining the ranks of, amongst others, Amazon Echo and Google Home. A smart speaker is actually more than just a ‘speaker’ – it’s a machine capable of engaging in somewhat intelligent dialogue ... read more
    Blog: Khawar HameedPublished on 09-02-2018
  • So, what exactly is ‘Digital’?
    So, what exactly is ‘digital‘? I asked this very question to one of my Computer Science students once, and he gave me what could be construed as a near-perfect response:  “it’s not analogue”.  Whilst there is truth in that answer – it does not encapsulate what we really mean ... read more
    Blog: Khawar HameedPublished on 06-12-2017
  • Job Opportunity: Lecturers in Games Programming – Immediate Start
    Staffordshire University is recruiting Lecturers in Games Programming on fixed-term full time contracts (3-month, 6-month or one-year) with potential opportunities to extend to permanent contracts. Skills and qualifications required: Specialism in one of the following areas of computer games development: Graphics API’s (DirectX11 / DirectX12 / OpenGL 3+/ Vulkan), AI, ... read more
    Blog: Khawar HameedPublished on 08-09-2017
  • Happy 10th Birthday iPhone!
    The iPhone is 10 years old!  June 29th 2017 marked the tenth anniversary of what has become a 21st century icon and the apple of Apple’s eye.  Beyond its luring magnetic draw as an object of desire and its smart functional capability (yes – there’s an app for everything), the ... read more
    Blog: Khawar HameedPublished on 30-06-2017
  • NHS Cyber-Attack 12th May 2017
    On Friday 12th May 2017 we heard the shocking news that the NHS had been subject to a large-scale ransomware attack that rendered essential healthcare services unavailable. According to media reports up to 39 NHS organisations and several GP Practices were affected.  NHS Digital (the organisation that exists to ‘improve ... read more
    Blog: Khawar HameedPublished on 13-05-2017
  • Digital Transformation: Digital Leadership
    On the 1st March 2017, the Government published its UK Digital Strategy – seven strands of digital thread woven together to provide a framework for action to address digital transformation in the UK.  The ambition: “to create a world-leading digital economy that works for everyone” [1].  The strategy aims ... read more
    Blog: Khawar HameedPublished on 06-03-2017
  • Digital Day – 15th October 2016
    I hope you’re #AllStokedUp about our Digital Day on Saturday 15th October!  It would be really great to see you there – details can be found at:   ... read more
    Blog: Khawar HameedPublished on 14-10-2016
  • It’s Internaut Day!
    Today is Internaut Day! It marks 25 years of public Internet access and recognition of the ground-breaking WWW work of Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the results of which have had profound global impact and changed the way that we live. It is this aspect – the impact on our lives, that ... read more
    Blog: Khawar HameedPublished on 23-08-2016
  • Augmented Reality and Merging Worlds
    Last weekend I visited Trentham Gardens with the intention of immersing myself in the ether of the natural environment – to enjoy a peaceful walk, to absorb the array of natural colours & aromas, and to seek and enjoy the unchained and liberated sense of spatial freedom. My visit ... read more
    Blog: Khawar HameedPublished on 17-08-2016
  • Does my wrist look big in this?
    Wearable technology, as the name suggests, is something that you wear or carry about your person – and you’ve probably been wearing it for years in the form of your watch, and more recently as a smart watch or fitness band. Human endeavours to wear technology are not new.  The ... read more
    Blog: Khawar HameedPublished on 15-03-2016
  • Apple Says ‘No’ – The Threat to Data Security
    Consider a world where your fundamental existence is enabled and underpinned by an array of connected devices and systems, and the totality of your life and virtually every aspect of what you do is reliant on these devices and systems.  Consider a future where you live in smart cities and ... read more
    Blog: Khawar HameedPublished on 18-02-2016