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  • Being a Psychology Student At Staffs
    “Psychology, huh? So… What am I thinking?” *facepalm* Little did you know, but psychologists cannot read your mind! Shocking, I know. If I had a pound for every time I was asked this back in school, I could have probably funded my 3-year undergrad course no sweat. That course being ... read more
    Blog: Student BlogsPublished on 28-09-2017
  • 5 Steps to an open day
    So you’ve chosen the university path and I’m assuming Staffs Uni is one of your choices, and after visiting an Open Day, I can almost guarantee you’ll make it your first choice! The same as I did, you will fall in love and just know. Below are my 5 easy ... read more
    Blog: Student BlogsPublished on 28-09-2017
  • Presenting…The NEW Ember Lounge
    At the start of August, I wrote about the regeneration project that was under way in the Ember Lounge, well nearly a month later and 4 months’ worth of work on the project. I finally got a sneak peak of the final product and WOW what a change if I ... read more
    Blog: Student BlogsPublished on 07-09-2017
  • 5 things to do during Welcome Week
    Welcome week is the perfect time to get used to life on campus before your lectures start. Staffs uni offers such a lot during welcome week and there is never a dull moment, so jump in and enjoy yourself before the real work starts. There are some beautiful places to ... read more
    Blog: Student BlogsPublished on 04-09-2017
  • 5 opportunities university has given me…
    Being a student ambassador I have been a student ambassador since my first year of university and it has been a great experience. I have been a able to represent the university at various open days. This has helped my confidence and ability to speak with others and I have ... read more
    Blog: Student BlogsPublished on 30-08-2017
  • Why visit a Centre of Excellence Open Day?
    What better way to connect with a university than attending one of their open days? By visiting the Centres of Excellence in Stafford or Shrewsbury, you can experience first-hand what it will be like to study here, whilst meeting your potential future lecturers! You’ll be able to look around the ... read more
    Blog: Student BlogsPublished on 29-08-2017
  • Our Student Midwife Conference!
    Last month, my fellow Student Midwives and I had the privilege to plan and host a midwifery conference, something that all final year student midwives are required to do. It was titled ‘Enabling Vulnerable Women’, and we discussed how the midwifery profession can continue to provide the best care for ... read more
    Blog: Student BlogsPublished on 28-08-2017
  • Representing YOUR Course
    When I first started studying at Staffordshire University, I always knew I wanted to represent the university and in some way leave a mark of my time during the three years I was there. I knew that I wanted to get involved in as much as I can, whether it ... read more
    Blog: Student BlogsPublished on 27-08-2017
  • Getting help with health costs!
    People don’t realise how expensive health costs can be – especially when you’re on a low student loan and you’ve already blown half of this week’s allowance on that Chinese takeaway with your flatmates. You’ve been to the GP; they’ve written you up a prescription, and just as you’re walking ... read more
    Blog: Student BlogsPublished on 26-08-2017
  • Thank You Staffs
    It feels like yesterday that I moved to Stafford and embarked on the journey to become a midwife. I was nervous yet excited and didn’t know what university would bring. Little did 18 year-old me know that in three years time that she’d become a qualified professional and go on ... read more
    Blog: Student BlogsPublished on 25-08-2017
  • Zach’ Guide to Welcome Week 2017
    Welcome week, Freshers week or party week, whatever you call it! It’s that first week of University where you’re not quite sure where to go, what to do or where you are really supposed to be. Along with packing, unpacking and making friends, finding information can seem like quite ... read more
    Blog: Student BlogsPublished on 25-08-2017
  • How to live at university on a budget
    Once you arrive at university and the student loan lands in your bank account there will be temptation to go on a spending spree. However, that money needs to last you throughout the semester, so it is important to make a budget and stick to it. It can be difficult ... read more
    Blog: Student BlogsPublished on 24-08-2017
  • The Big Union Getaway 2017
    This month has been quite unique for the Student Union at Staffordshire University as they held their very first Big Union Getaway! The Big Union Getaway is a FREE two-night residential course at the beautiful Whitmoor Lake centre which is situated at the heart of Staffordshire. The course has ... read more
    Blog: Student BlogsPublished on 22-08-2017
  • The Reasons I Chose Staffs
    Hello, Now, I often get asked by my family and friends (that aren’t attending Staffs) why I chose to study at Staffordshire University. What I always found intriguing about that question is that there was never a ‘definitive’ answer. For me personally, these past two years (and now near the ... read more
    Blog: Student BlogsPublished on 21-08-2017
  • How to prepare for uni on a budget
    You have got your place for uni and you know what you want to take however, that list is going to get expensive and, no matter how much we hope it is true, money just doesn’t grow on trees. So how do you get all your stuff on the cheap. ... read more
    Blog: Student BlogsPublished on 21-08-2017