The Russian Connection

  • Event location: Studio 1, College Road, Stoke-on-Trent

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Russian state crestThis performance is the culmination of a three week research project in which professional actors have been working alongside final year theatre students exploring a Russian rehearsal method known as Active Analysis. This method is unique in that the actors never take the script on to the rehearsal room floor with them, relying instead on improvisation and discussion this particular method seeks to allow actors a full experience of each other, in the moment, making discoveries with body, mind and spirit which might be lost in a more traditional script in hand method where experience is filtered through the process of reading.

This rare insight in to a commonplace methodology in Russian but little know in Britain will focus around Maxim Gorky’s play Philistines; a dark and often hilarious take on the disintegration of a once respectable family as revolution knocks on their door. A post-show discussion will follow the performance for those who wish to stay and share their thoughts about the performance or find out more about this particular rehearsal method.