Come and Sing……Fringe workshop

  • Location: at the Art Stop Shop in Stoke town centre

Come and Sing is a friendly workshop for all ages!

singingIf you…

  • like to sing but people have said you are not good enough
  • don’t feel confident to sing on your own
  • used to sing but haven’t done it for years
  • just love singing
  • would like to learn some new songs
  • fancy singing in a group

There is no audition – everyone is welcome – all ages. You don’t need to read music. It’s just for fun. We will sing simple songs in different languages, maybe some harmonies and rounds. We will have the chance to sing outside on the London Rd Festival site in Boothen Gardens, if we want to.

Go on – give it a go! You know you want to….

group singing The workshop will be led by Fringe Festival coordinator Penny Vincent who has been in lots of choirs over the years. Penny has learnt from three excellent Natural Voice Choir leaders locally, including the wonderful Kate Barfield who runs Loud Mouth Women and Clay Chorus. Kate also plays and sings with the Boat Band who will be at the Beehive on Honeywall in Penkhull on Wednesday 4th June from 9pm.Guest singers,  fiddlers, dancers, poets and tragedians and any other contributors welcome. .

“Take Another Look” at London Rd Festival

Chris Oldham a Sculptor and photographer from Stoke, who graduated in Fine Art Graduate at Staffordshire University, is a featured artist at  London Road Festival this year. We asked him to tell us about his photographic art work for the festival.

I grew up living in West End, Stoke and know well the streets that feature in the London Road Festival Open Air Gallery. I wanted to show a different perspective on a familiar landscape.   Stoke library photo montage laid out like a planetThe theme of the festival ‘take another look’ works well for me as the pictures I make are all about seeing with a new perspective. The digital composites I make are multi-layered collages into which I build visual journeys or mental puzzles. My pictures ask the viewer to spend time reading the images and decoding the clues to the locations in the pictures or be absorbed in the shapes, textures and spaces inside the montage of building

The artworks are a surreal dreamlike interpretation of the architecture of Stoke with its stylish Victorian buildings and rows of terraced housing that go on forever. Through the use of mirroring in some of the images we get a glimpse into the in-between spaces where the pictures join together, here a Psychology thing happens and we start to see images conjured from our imaginations and viewed from our individual cultural experiences. In a mirrored tree picture I see fairy folk and the face of the messiah, in the street pictures I see giant bugs and aliens, different people might see something different, that’s part of the fun of making montage of buildings laid out like a butterfly

As an artist a lot of my work is about building great big sculptures from willow trees that you can go inside and experience the sculpture surrounding you, with the pictures I am still building an environment but it exists as a visual space that you explore with your mind and montage of building looking like a butterfly

I run a community arts company called Willowarts, building environmental art sculptures in woodlands and green spaces; we have worked with the National Trust, English Heritage, with Museums, cultural and educational centres nationwide.

Expedition dance performance

Expedition Dance Performance is a unique blend of dance and live music, animating sites along London Road as part of London Rd Festival.

There are a few performances during the Festival period:

  • 1.30pm on Sunday 8th June
  • 3.30pm on Sunday 8th June
  • and
  • 6.30pm on Wednesday 11th June

photo of dancers on a busy main roadThe performances takes place outdoors – on The Boulevard and at the Villas, near Boothen Garden, London Road so please wear appropriate footwear.

Expedition is choreographed by Clare Reynolds, an independent dance artist and choreographer based in North Staffordshire. Clare studied her MA in Community and Participatory Arts with the Creative Communities Unit.

Clare has been working with other professional dancers supported by amateur dance enthusiasts to re-imagine and reanimate the public spaces along and around London Road.  Performance and dance that will offer rare moments of stillness, reflection and creative movement, beautifully transforming our day-to-day spaces.

Clare trained at Laban, London graduating with a BA(hons) in Dance Theatre. Her work spans generations and experience levels bringing dancers together in performance work which takes place in non-traditional arts settings.  She delivers, performs and creates dance in a range of community and educational settings. Clare is currentlyCo-Artistic Director / Choreographer with Restoke which is a socially driven performance company. Based in Staffordshire they combine dance, music and visual art to produce works that breathe new life into forgotten spaces. She has also worked for organisations including: Cheshire Dance, DanceXchange, FRONTLINEdance company, Blue Eyed Soul Dance Company, Creative Partnerships, ART BRASIL and Waterside Arts Centre.