Dr Polina Zioga at the Mixed Reality Laboratory (University of Nottingham)

Dr Polina Zioga has been invited to give a guest talk at the Mixed Reality Laboratory (MRL) of the University of Nottingham. The MRL was established in 1999 and is the home of over sixty academics, research associates and PhD students.

Location: Mixed Reality Lab Meeting Space, Jubilee Campus, University of Nottingham.
Date: Friday, 15 June 2018, 12:00-13:00.
More information: www.nottingham.ac.uk/research/groups/mixedrealitylab/events/lab-meetings/2018-06-15.aspx

Multi-Brain BCI Interaction for Live Cinema: Performer and Audience Participation, Cognition and Emotional Engagement

[…] ’Enheduanna—A Manifesto of Falling’, a live brain-computer cinema performance, enabled for the first time the simultaneous real-time multi-brain interaction of more than two participants, including a performer and members of the audience, using a passive EEG-based BCI system. The event was realised as a neuroscientific study conducted in a real-life setting. The results obtained from the participants’ data analysis reveal new information and contribute on new hypotheses about the effects of the length of time, but also the role of the directing strategy, dramaturgy and narrative structure on the performer’s and audience’s perception, cognitive state, and engagement.

Read the full announcement here.

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