Research Supervision

Undergradute Supervision

UG students that are interested in doing their Final Year Projects and Dissertations as part of the lab, should contact Dr Polina Zioga at the end of their second/beginning of their final year. Opportunities for summer projects are also available.

Ph.D. and MRes Supervision

Full-time Ph.D. and MRes supervision is available in the following, but not limited to, research areas:

  • Interactive Filmmaking and Media
  • Expanded and Live Cinema
  • Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs)
  • Neurocinematics

Ph.D. projects are offered in the following research topics:

  • Interaction and User Interface Software for Interactive Film and Live Brain-Computer Cinema Performance
  • Performers and Audience Participation, Cognition and Emotional Engagement in Live Cinema and Performing Arts
  • Biometric Control of Virtual Objects and Agents in Mixed-Reality Settings
  • Hybrid Brain-Computer Interfaces and Eye-Gaze Tracking Systems for artists with disabilities

For more information about Postgraduate Research Supervision at the School of Computing and Digital Technologies of the Staffordshire University, please visit the University’s webpage (click here) and the Staffordshire University Graduate School Blog (click here).