Kathleen’s Prize

Kathleen’s Prize is a prize and certificate awarded in recognition of
“..submission of the most outstanding piece of First Semester Level 4 Coursework.” The work must demonstrate academic excellence and sound discipline-based knowledge and understanding, it must also be exemplary in the choice and range of resources used to
support argument.

On September 9 2014 our dear friend and colleague
Kathleen Morgan died following a long fight with cancer at the age of just 43. She was an amazing person and a wonderful librarian and we have honoured her memory by creating a prize in her name: Kathleen’s prize.
Kathleen first joined the University Library in November 1992 and retired due to ill health in November 2012. In the course of the several roles she filled while working at Staffordshire University her passion to help students realise their potential shone out. She instigated the InfoZone programme which helps orientate first year students and assists them in making the transition from school or college to University level research.

Reflecting and remembering this passion, in her memory we have created a prize which rewards research excellence in first year undergraduate work. The prize is awarded to the level 4 student who submits the best researched piece of first semester work. In order to decide this, each tutor who marks any Semester One level 4 work can submit outstanding examples of work to the Library panel. The Librarypanel choose the final winner from all the tutor submissions across the University. The winner is awarded the prize which Mrs. Mavis Morgan, Kathleen’s Mum, presents.

All other entrants are invited to the ceremony and are given a certificate indicating that their work was thought worthy to be considered for the prize. Submitting tutors are also invited as are parents and friends of all entrants.

The prize is awarded each year in the last week of March (Kathleen’s birthday was 25th March) and the ceremony is an informal event with tea and cakes- just as Kathleen would have enjoyed herself!
The first presentation will happened in March2016. This year’s presentation is the second year of the award and it took place on March 30th.

This year 8 students were entered to win Kathleen’s Prize. Chosen by their tutors, the students were first years from across all subjects studied at the University. All entrants received a certificate commending their work and the winner received an Amazon voucher. Pro Vice Chancellor Sue Reece was in attendance and congratulated all students on their splendid achievements.

This year’s winner was animation student Philip Hallworth, nominated by Alke Groppel Wegener. Also present at the ceremony were Rachel Wakelin (Biomedical Science) and her tutor Paul Orsmond and sport and exercise students Dominic Podmore, Kerry Malik and Bradley Smith. Three students from sport and exercise won a certificate but could not be present at the event Liam Baggley, Dan Gowans and Tom Priestley. All sport and exercise students were nominated by Matt Slater.

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