Welcome to Big Bang Global Step Challenge 2018

Welcome to the 2018 Big Bang Global Step Challenge at Staffs Uni! Here at Staffs we are proud to be taking you on a journey to far reaching parts of the globe to visit our students who have undertaken placements around the world, all of which is made possible through the tremendous outreach a place of Staffs stature has to offer. Our aim today is to reach towards 10,000,000 steps, this is our first step of the journey, and with your help we will travel all over the globe!

Take part as an individual or school group and enter our Global Step Challenge competition.  There will be prizes for participation rates for teams/school groups.

Collect your pedometer at registration point for West Midlands Big Bang or on campus at the Science Trailer on 19 June.  Or use you own phone/pedometer to measure your steps today.  Stay up-to-date with progress of the challenge here on our blog or on Twitter @StaffsLSE.