Biological Sciences and Education students visit The Netherlands

Our Biological Sciences and Education students have just returned from an action-packed visit to Radboud University in Nijmegen. Radboud University is a student-centered university in The Netherlands, active in almost all scientific fields and with a large Education department. The University benefits from an ‘open climate’ and inspiring environment.

Biological Sciences students spent two days at Radboud visiting their fantastic laboratory facilities including greenhouses and root labs, animal ecology and physiology departments and the University’s zebra fish facility. Students participated in practical laboratory activities including extracting DNA from wastewater samples; discussing their different approaches and methods employed.

Away from the labs, students were able to view the extracurricular areas of the campus, including the ‘lounges’ and ‘chill out’ areas!

Education students visited Kandinsky College, immediately noticing the ‘open access’ to the school and the amazing entrance hall. Staffordshire students were able to tour the school’s first-class facilities and spend time with staff discussing the secondary curriculum and its focus on building English Language skills from an early age. This visit explored the opportunity for trainee internships for our students in the future.

Education students were able to spend time with staff from the Radboud Teacher Academy on the 20th Floor of the Erasmusplein building. Radboud staff explained the Dutch approach to teacher training and discussed the impact of the group’s recent visit to Kandinsky College.

At DeVerwondering School, the headteacher invited Staffordshire students to tour the school and discussed their approach to open plan teaching areas. The group observed the ‘open access’ nature of the school site and were able to reflect on the Dutch approach to Education.

This visit has provided our Biological Sciences and Education students with a whirlwind tour into the possibilities they may be able to gain from a longer student exchange – plenty of opportunities available for opening minds and future career ambitions!