Celebrating Black History Month – Meet Trust Diya

Prior to studying Biomedical Science, I was an automotive design engineer. I lectured in engineering in further education (college) and managed contracts for the MOD. Outside the UK, I was the national secretary of the Institute of Motor Industry, a role I held for 5 years.

In 2009 I enrolled for the Biomedical Science degree at Staffordshire University and I qualified with a BSc (Hons) Applied Biomedical Science which came with an HCPC registration for practice as a biomedical scientist. My final year project was a microbiology study on the antimicrobial properties of ash as a potential hand-washing agent. During my undergraduate years, I was involved in STEM ambassadorial programmes and I taught mathematics in high school as part of the teaching associate program.

After my bachelor’s degree, I enrolled for a PgCE in Mathematics at Keele University. I focused on special education and I have continued with special education both in formal and informal educational settings. Alongside teaching and special education, I have also attained role specific qualifications in mentoring and tutoring for university students with personalised learning agreements.

I am currently studying for a PhD in cell and molecular Biology at Staffordshire University. My research interests are in the elucidation of the structure function relationship of dietary plant flavonoids on adipogenesis. Alongside my PhD studies, I teach Biology and Biomedical Science modules across all the levels in the department.

My passion is in exploring different learning approaches by diverse ethnic groups. A colleague and I are currently investigating the retention and attainments gap of BAME students compared to their Caucasian peers. We are especially interested in attributes such as institutional culture; role models; inclusive curriculum content, design and delivery; sense of belonging; prior attainment; information, advice and guidance; financial considerations and preparedness as contributing factors leading to attainment differentials. We hope our study will chart a way to meet the holistic needs of the BAME student.

As a lecturer at Staffordshire University, I have received many nominations by students and staff. These include: Lecturer I would get out of bed for award, Distance Learning Excellence Award, Best feedback Award, Student Experience Award and Connected Communities Stories Award. Most of these got short listed and in 2018 I received the Student Experience Award. I was also shortlisted for the staff People’s Choice Award.

Trust Diya


Lecturer, Biological and Biomedical Sciences, School of Life Sciences and Education, Staffordshire University