How to take part in The Big Bang Global Step Challenge

Thanks for joining us and let us see where our combined step counts can take us during the West Midlands Big Bang Fair

  1. Collect your free pedometer from the registration desk upon arrival at the event.  Exhibitors, ambassadors and Staffordshire University staff are also taking part using their own step tracking devices (phones, pedometers, Fitbit, etc…)
  2. Track your steps throughout the event.
  3. Brilliant and friendly Global Step Ambassadors will be encouraging you and collecting step counts throughout the event.  You can enter either individual step counts, or group step counts.
  4. If you don’t get a chance to tell one of our ambassadors your step count, you can send it direct to the data project.  Download the app Epicollect5.  It is available for Android phones and tablets, iPhones and iPads.  The app is completely free.  Once installed search for “The Big Bang Global Step Challenge”.  Alternatively you can search for the project at (note you will need to log on with google to enter steps on the website).  No log-on details are required to enter steps on campus (step 3).
  5. Stay up-to-date with progress of the Challenge here on our blog or on Twitter @StaffsLSE

Watch this space…coming soon….The Big Bang Global Step Challenge

The team at Staffordshire University are preparing their best walking shoes ready for the West Midlands Big Bang Fair on 19 June.

We will be asking you to join us in this active step challenge and record the total number of steps you take on 19 June.


We will show you how many steps it takes to see the world on 19 June as we follow our Staffordshire University placement students to locations such as Germany, Africa and Japan.

Take part as an individual or school group and enter our Global Step Challenge competition.

Can we as a group reach 2, 5 or 10 million steps?  How far can we go?

Collect your pedometer at registration point for West Midlands Big Bang or on campus at the Science Trailer on 19 June. Stay up-to-date with progress of the challenge here on our blog or on Twitter @StaffsLSE.