NMC Horizon Report: 2013 Higher Education Edition

A useful report from the New Media Consortium that many of you will have already seen, but notable that our own Dave Parkes is on the advisory board.

This  report details: key trends; significant challenges and what are perceived to be 6 technologies that are to be watched as they might be expected to have an impact in higher education over  a range of different timescales.

Key Trends

The key trends are identified as:

1. Openness — concepts like open content, open data, and open resources, along with notions of transparency and easy access to data and information — is becoming a value.

2.  Massively open online courses are being widely explored as alternatives and supplements to traditional university courses.

3. The workforce demands skills from college graduates that are more often acquired from informal learning experiences than in universities.

4. There is an increasing interest in using new sources of data for personalizing the learning experience and for performance measurement.

5. The role of educators continues to change due to the vast resources that are accessible to students via the Internet.

6. Education paradigms are shifting to include online learning, hybrid learning, and collaborative models.

Significant Challenges

1. Faculty training still does not acknowledge the fact that digital media literacy continues its rise in importance as a key skill in every discipline and profession.

2. The emergence of new scholarly forms of authoring, publishing, and researching outpace sufficient and scalable modes of assessment.

3. Too often it is education’s own processes and practices that limit broader uptake of new technologies.

4. The demand for personalized learning is not adequately supported by current technology or practices.

5 New models of education are bringing unprecedented competition to the traditional models of higher education.

6 Most academics are not using new technologies for learning and teaching, nor for organizing their own research.

New Technologies – Time to Adoption 1 Year or Less

Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

Tablet Computing

New Technologies – Time to Adoption 2-3 Years

Games and Gamification

Learning Analytics

New Technologies – Time to Adoption 4-5 Years

3D Printing

Wearable Technology



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  1. Thanks Dave – I’ll have a read. Speaking personally, I feel totally with the zeitgeist, having bought a tablet purely to use to study a couple of MOOCs! Next year I’ll be getting into analytics…

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