Graduates in the UK labour market 2013

A new report this week from the Office of National Statistics suggests that when focusing on recent graduates who were employed, the percentage of them who were working in a non graduate role has risen from 37% in April to June 2001 to 47% in April to June 2013. Although this time series is variable, an upward trend is evident, particularly since the 2008/09 recession. This may reflect lower demand for graduate skills as well as an increased supply of graduates.

At the same time however, the report does highlight that graduates are more likely to be employed, less likely to be searching for work or less likely to be inactive.



As you would expect the headline about the number of gradates in non graduate jobs has led to the inevitable questioning of the value of a degree. It’s worth noting that “graduate” in the definition used by ONS is anyone with tertiary education. And for more on this story, you can listen to me talking about in to Perry Spiller on 20-11-13 on Radio Stoke (about 15 minutes into the programme on iPlayer, available until 26-11-13)

For our university, it is reminder to me of two things: firstly the imperative of pushing student attainment, so that more students are ale to graduate with good degrees, and be competitive in the jobs market, and secondly to ensure we continue our focus on the Staffordshire Graduate, to ensure that our graduates leave here work ready and employable.