Update on New Year’s Resolutions

I wrte my New Year Resolutions in September, to link to the academic year. After one semester, it seems timely to provide an update on what has happened since then:

Resolution Progress after 1 semester
Make student attainment a focus for Academic Development Unit activity Student attainment and success is now included explicitly in the Academic Strategy
Make sure every group of staff knows how they can contribute to improving league table performance I’ve given presentations in Faculty of Arts and Creative Technology and Faculty of Business Education and Law. I’ve also presented to staff in Schools of PSE and Sciences.
Give talks in all faculties and schools throughout the year Talks and have been provided to faculties and schools as above. It’s quite clear where this work has not yet been as fully disseminated.
Run an event on campus to address the issue of BME student performance Forthcoming Learning and Teaching Conference will include a keynote speech on BME attainment, and a workshop session. In addition, there will be further work within the institution before this event
Develop undergraduate and postgraduate award portfolio performance tools Undergraduate tool was completed in September, and a final version shared across schools and faculties in November. To date, we have not agreed what should be included in a pg version.
Learn how to use Blackboard, particularly analytics As BlackBoard is now within my purview, I’m learning how to use some of the newer tools, and setting up a new BlackBoard Steering Group and will be working with my team to create a user group. We will also be revising all the help documentation that we provide and the training and support that is available. We will be reviewing new opportunities such as BB Mobile and Collaborate.
Review personal tutoring and other L&T enhancement processes Personal Tutoring is being reviewed by Steve and Marj.
Give keynote speech on MOOCs I presented a keynote on my experience and views of MOOCs and a Quality Enhancement event at University of Hertfordshire
Stop writing blog articles about MOOCs – they were so 2012. Well, I wrote only one article since I wrote my list of resolutions, but I expect there will be more now that I am looking at the delivery of FutureLearn MOOCs
Do not publish blog articles that might offend…….chiz Yeah right.