Complete University Guide 2016

The first major league table is published today, the Complete University Guide.

This table uses metrics  on ten measures: Student Satisfaction, Research Quality, Research Intensity, Entry Standards, Student: Staff Ratio; Spending on Academic Services; Spending on Student Facilities; Good Honours degrees achieved; Graduate Prospects and Completion.

From the press release:

“Coventry University becomes the UK’s leading “new” university (former polytechnic) replacing Oxford Brookes University.


The University of Cambridge heads the ranking of 126 UK universities, with Oxford in second place and the London School of Economics and Political Science third. The other top ten universities are Imperial College London, Durham, St Andrews, Surrey, Lancaster and University College London.”

No real surprises in the top 10, and the continued and sustained rise of Coventry is notable.

One of the changes from last year to this, is the way in which research has been reported – previously there has been a report of research quality, but this year (and until the next REF) we have separate indicators for research quality and for research intensity.

The second change is that the table includes the results of People and Planet Green League Table, although these results are not used in any calculation of overall score or ranking.

Staffordshire University rises 2 further places to 103rd, and is represented in 24 of the subject tables, with improvements in position in , Accountiung and Finance, Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering, Art and Design, Business & Management Studies, Geography & Environmental Science ,Hospitality, Leisure, Recreation & Tourism, Marketing, Nursing and Sports Science.




2 thoughts on “Complete University Guide 2016

  1. A year or so ago, the official line was that our placing in the league tables was being held down by our anomalously poor showing in the RAE. Now that the REF2014 results are in (and are presumably used in the compilation of this table) that anticipated effect seems to have disappeared. Any insights on this, Mike?

  2. Hi Peter – thanks for this. I think we need to recognise the impact of ALL factors that go to build up a league table. In particular for us, I think that the focus needs to be on entry tariff, good degrees and employability (all 3 of which may be linked) and on student experience as well as research.

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