SYLLABUS – VOL 4, NO 1 (2015)

January 30th, 2015 by WEARN Nia


So, apart from Global Games Jam 2015 last week I’ve been away from uni since December on Maternity leave – finding time to write etc has been a little harder then I anticipated but luckily I had a few things in the pipline before I went off. One of them I’m very proud to be a part of – which is a special edition of Syllabus journal about Teaching with and about Games.



I’m also excited about reading the article from everyone else in the special edition – it’s great to see a growing body of work, and other people writing about their experiences of teaching Games Design. I also would like to thank Jennifer for making my first journal submission relatively painless (at least from my end) and all of the her and Carly’s support. After a few false starts when it comes to finding my feet and my area within research I feel like I’m getting there.

BERA 2014 #StaffsPGR

September 28th, 2014 by WEARN Nia
Creativity in Ludoliteracy, Games Development and Games Studies in the UK from Nia Wearn

Monthly Stats on Games Tech Social Media 3 years on

August 8th, 2014 by WEARN Nia

For the past few years I’ve been keeping a track of our social media take up – so I knew where to concentrate our efforts. For the first year I updated it monthly – but since then I’ve just taken snapshots on the 8th of August every year.

Here’s this year’s.. (All the relevant posts, including the Ur Post with the magic updating Google Docs chart art tagged as smtrack)



Now in theory all of those are active, but in reality you can see the top hitters – No surprises really, Twitter, Facebook – both profile & page and the Linked in Group.

Of course, this doesn’t really look at engagement – I’m running sumall on that now to have a quick look but it’s interesting in the time I’ve been keeping an eye on this how the landscape changes – Prospective students are much keener to ask question over facebook then e-mail, but only  about half of the facebook users are keen to engage with things (For example, for our Welcome Week event this year we’ve only got one meta event listed, to encourage communication through the years and to catch more students. Of the 250 invites 114 have not yet responded – and Facebook have got rid of the super useful option to send a message to people invited to an event, probably for this very reason)

I also can’t see the landscape changing much more in the next year, we could probably Vine & Instagram more, but realistically it’s going to be photos of things on computers, videos of people in the mocap studio and the occasional Mexican Wave in a lecture theatre.