My phone and teaching..

I should probably write this post on my phone since I got Ray to sort out ther mobile link doohickey for my blog.

So I’ve had a swanky smart phone since july (samsung galaxy s on the android platform) and slowly it’s worked it’s way into my day to day work in a variety of ways.

I’ve decide against having my work or home email sent to it directly but I’ve used it before now to check it, more then anything I’ve ben using it connect everything else I do, or augment my online collection aspects.

I’ve an app that links straight to my delicious account, so any interesting links I see on twitter, and I do use my phone a lot for twitter, can update straight away, with the relevant tags.

I’ve also been using Evernote a lot, to type things up like feedback and notes, its quite handy to have something to fire off quick thoughts too add look at them later. Google Tasks updates from my phone too – handy for on the fly to do lists.

There’s a few mind map and productivity apps I’ve got, but not really played with yet – I’m sure I will, in sure course  but so far I’m pursuing using my phone organically with my teaching and my phd.

update – Sat. 5th Feb

Hmm, I just realised this has sat in my draft folder when I thought it had published. Still some kinks in the system to work out.

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