Smartphones in the classroom #suegp

I’ve spoken before about using my smart phone to aid my teaching, but it’s increasingly becoming an indispensable tool, especially in more fluid lecture / labs – Like the 3rd year Experimental Gameplay Project.

The module has a tumblr blog attached to it, which works great with the tumblr app on my phone, and it allows the blog to be updated quickly. (The blog also pulls in anything on twitter with the tag #suegp) Students can submit stuff to the blog if they want, and are encouraged to do so..

But back to my phone, in the space of a 3hr class I used it to:

  • take and blog photos
  • record and upload video
  • take notes on a playtest
  • use it to calculate how many items I had left in a game
  • check into Foursquare
  • introduce some students to Carcassonne (I’d promised the week before to bring in the tiles, but forgot)

Playing Carcassone in the Classroom (on a phone)

Playing Carcassone in the Classroom (on a phone)

Naturally this pic was taken by a student on his Android smart phone..