Bottle Voting & Group Projects

One of the coolect ideas from the last Teachnology Supported Learning Showcase was the Creative Communities bottle voting system – if you can call skittles a technology I suppose – anyway, this year for 2A2B we asked them to make kickstarter pitch videos.

One thing I wanted was a very quick response to find out how successful the pitches had been – and since we were holding it in the Red Lecture Theater an online Google Doc form or a Facebook poll wouldn’t have worked. In the past we’ve used paper to hold a popular vote but that’s had it’s own issues when you scale it up to 100’s of people…

So, in a a slightly more dawn markets style, we did marbles-and-plastic-pint-glass voting

And there’s something very satisfying about having 475 marbles to play with – and it worked. They had the following instructions

and here how they voted:

(all the videos are here, or will be as I add them to the play list)