A quick review of some productivity apps

I’m not quite as bad as Arnold J Rimmer about productivity – but I’m not far off at times, so I increasingly rely on apps & tasks lists to help – along with my trusty whiteboard – although if I could sync with my phone with my white board I’d be a very happy person. For ages I used Google Tasks, but for some reason, even though I love Google products, and I live by Google Calendar  for some reasons, the tasks, nestled away in Gmail just don’t work for me, even with unofficial, or official apps.

So first I played with a pretty app – Any.Do – and it’s very lovely an minimalistic, but as everything, over time, even with the widgets available I found I was using it less and less – not sure why, it just didn’t grab me.

Any.Do – I still haven’t made a Christmas pudding.

Which is why when I think I saw Task Hammer mentioned on Prof Hacker In thought I’d give it a go – being a great fan of RPG’s. It’s not as pretty as Any Do but you get a satisfying trumpet horn when you complete a task (tip, don’t do this in a full office, you look like a lunatic) but so far I’m enjoying it, and since it’s an app in it’s infancy hopefully some more interactive feature will appear.

This was a while ago – I’ve just reached level 3 thanks to writing this blogpost, which I’ve been meaning to do for ages.

Anyone else got any to do list apps they recommend.  As ever LifeHacker is a great source of productivity advice.

One Response to “A quick review of some productivity apps”

  1. Vic Says:

    I use ‘TaskSync for Exchange’ to get tasks shared between my android and exchange 🙂 works fairly well for me and easy enough to use