Talking at the V&A Museum of Childhood

This was a nice day – and a nice change of pace from what I usually talk about – because I was talking about a specific module and more importantly the fun I’ve had getting 2nd year students to make boardgames. I happen to be in the middle of teaching this Gameplay Applications as module as the requestfor this came in so I knew exactly what to talk about. 

There might be video at some point but the gist of it was the highs and lows of the module so far and a discussion on what they students have designed so far, and the other outcomes that have come out the module. What was super lovely the wave of people coming to talk to me afterwards about what we were doing and how revolutionary (?!?) it was to have university modules where they design board games. (I’m sure that’s not true – but it’s a fascinating thread of research if it is)

So a massive thanks to the V&A and the Museum of Childhood for having me talk – and in such good company too. There was also an amazing Board Games Jam run by Playtest UK! Which meant I got to take in all the fun of a games jam without having to actually run one. (although we do have one planned for Welcome Week)