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Able – Portugal & Évora @ableeu

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

Bobbie, Yvan  and I have returned from the 3rd Project meeting for the Able Project into Distance Learning and ICT. It was lovely and warm and Evora, in Portugal was stunning.

A copy of the presentation is here

You can see lots of pretty pictures of Evora, and some of Lisbon in the Flickr Photostream – but by far my favorite is is :


You can read the 1st Newsletter from the Able Project here

(It has more sensible pictures)

The project is now also on Twitter & Facebook

Merhaba! from Adana, Tukey

Monday, December 5th, 2011


In the 2nd leg of our 2 year Trans-European Leonardo Mobility Project,  Bobbie & I are in Adana, Turkey for a few days – presenting reports on E-Learning  and Distance Learning in the UK

Here’s a link to our presentation

I’m sure we’ll sort out some photos too…

güle güle!!

update massive kebab!

update #2 – you can now follow the project on Twitter…

ABLE – LLP LDV Partnership Project

Friday, October 21st, 2011

So, I’m part of a 2 year Trans-European Leonardo Mobility Project:

“ABLE Activity Based Learning and Entertainment:
Lifelong Learning Challenges in the Digital Age”

Which means I’m sat in a hotel room in Vasto, Italy watching Grey’s Anatomy dubbed in Italian, reflecting on an interesting few days.

As this is the first European project Bobbie and I have been involved in, we didn’t really know what to expect – we were just glad we weren’t the first to host anything. We will host our new friends, but that’s in May next year and we’ll be old hands by then – hopefully.