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Round up from this years Global Games Jam #stagg12 #ggj12

Monday, January 30th, 2012


Global Games Jam has been and gone again – it’s a surreal weekend of watching some amazing students pull together, and make amazing games in 48hrs.

Posts on the Academy blog –

Videos (Updates & Gameplay) –

Games –

Still Images –­1089733/

I love the picture at the top, taken by one of the students, it makes it it look like I’m mucking in, coding something or knocking together a game model. I’m not, I’m taking the traditional McDonalds breakfast order on a spreadsheet…

Global Games Jam Checklist #ggj12 #staggj12

Friday, January 27th, 2012

I’m sure other organisers have similar lists…

1 Wash stuff
2 Pizza menu
3 Hoodie
4 Clothes
5 Dvds
6 Rubbish prizes
7 Webcams
8 Keys
9 Cupcakes
10 Ready meals
11 Knife, fork, spoon
12 Mug
13 Slippers
14 Milk powder
15 Starbucks Via
16 Pillows
17 Sleeping bag
18 4 way
19 Mobile phone & charger
20 Pete’s camera, batteries & charger
21 Video camera & charger
22 Netbook & charger
23 Laptop & charger