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Turnitin on the Ipad

Friday, August 9th, 2013

It’s only taken 3 years and finally there’s a turn it in app for the ipad – and it works and everything. Sorting out having an account is a bit of a faff, and took a bit of trail and error but between 3 of us on the Facebook for Academic Stuff group I started up years ago we got it sorted.

The steps are / we had to take were as follows:

Go to – the UK bit of TurnitIn and use your uni e-mail address to retrieve your password. It will probably get confused you don’t have a security question to answer, but eventually an e-mail will arrive with a link to click on to reset your password. It’s a different system from the uni one so they don’t need to match or anything.

After you’ve got over the fact you’ve now got access to the wonderful turn it in website, all your classes etc should be there and you could if you wanted to mark from that you need to download the Turn it In App.

Then – and this is the bit that foxed me for a minute or two follow these handy instructions form the Turn it in FAQ:

As a TurnitinUK instructor you will be able to log in using your username and password for, or using your class access code if you access TurnitinUK through an LMS integration. Please note however, you will first need to change the source setting on Turnitin for iPad to point to TurnitinUK. To change Turnitin for iPad’s source setting:

Open Settings on your iPad (looks like an app with a sprocket image)
Scroll the navigation menu down to Turnitin
Tap the Turnitin line
Tap the “Service” field
Tap “TurnitinUK”
Exit settings, you should now be able to log in
You should only need to change this setting once. The app will remember your Root URL setting should you need to log out and log back in to Turnitin for iPad.

And then you should be good to go, I’ve only marked a few things so far but it synced nicely, rubrics updated and the marks appeared on grade center. Job’s a good ‘un.
And all of it works on the slightly creaking Ipad 1 I got as part of the FastE Project back in 2010!