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Lit Review Mind Map

Monday, March 21st, 2011

Literature Review MindMap for RDC-1 Form

Again, I’ve been playing around with phone apps and web tools to try and manage all the papers, books and articles that seem to be relevant to my Phd.

Currently everything is being held digitally – mainly in my Dropbox folder and copied over to my Kindle to read (I can’t yet seem to be bale to read pdf’s straight from my dropbox folder although I think it may be possible with newer version of the kindle) – and the details of everything are held on my Mendeley account – and it’s there I’m going to sort everything out into tags or folders – and then I just need to write it up, easy-peasy. (although writing it on Google Docs is helping with the catching a few mins here and there to write up bits)

I was however amused by this xkcd comic – it seemed very pertinent…

Mindmap for you – phd work

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Just a quick test really, using an app on my phone,to make mind maps

The app is called thinking spaces net and I’ve been using the free version

Update – So the app was supposed to post something like this picture up – but it didn’t, but I was playing around with settings and uploaded the source file – in .mm format, to my dropbox. It turn out there’s a nifty freeware program called FreeMind – that will let you edit and build mindmaps, and reads the .mm format. Definitely something worth checking out in the future.

2nd update – A combination of doing this and the research Methods Module means I’ve an updated title:

‘Developing a ludolitric process to create an on-line framework for collaborative Games Design’