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A quick review of some productivity apps

Monday, November 19th, 2012

I’m not quite as bad as Arnold J Rimmer about productivity – but I’m not far off at times, so I increasingly rely on apps & tasks lists to help – along with my trusty whiteboard – although if I could sync with my phone with my white board I’d be a very happy person. For ages I used Google Tasks, but for some reason, even though I love Google products, and I live by Google Calendar  for some reasons, the tasks, nestled away in Gmail just don’t work for me, even with unofficial, or official apps.

So first I played with a pretty app – Any.Do – and it’s very lovely an minimalistic, but as everything, over time, even with the widgets available I found I was using it less and less – not sure why, it just didn’t grab me.

Any.Do – I still haven’t made a Christmas pudding.

Which is why when I think I saw Task Hammer mentioned on Prof Hacker In thought I’d give it a go – being a great fan of RPG’s. It’s not as pretty as Any Do but you get a satisfying trumpet horn when you complete a task (tip, don’t do this in a full office, you look like a lunatic) but so far I’m enjoying it, and since it’s an app in it’s infancy hopefully some more interactive feature will appear.

This was a while ago – I’ve just reached level 3 thanks to writing this blogpost, which I’ve been meaning to do for ages.

Anyone else got any to do list apps they recommend.  As ever LifeHacker is a great source of productivity advice.

Smartphones in the classroom #suegp

Saturday, November 12th, 2011

I’ve spoken before about using my smart phone to aid my teaching, but it’s increasingly becoming an indispensable tool, especially in more fluid lecture / labs – Like the 3rd year Experimental Gameplay Project.

The module has a tumblr blog attached to it, which works great with the tumblr app on my phone, and it allows the blog to be updated quickly. (The blog also pulls in anything on twitter with the tag #suegp) Students can submit stuff to the blog if they want, and are encouraged to do so..

But back to my phone, in the space of a 3hr class I used it to:

  • take and blog photos
  • record and upload video
  • take notes on a playtest
  • use it to calculate how many items I had left in a game
  • check into Foursquare
  • introduce some students to Carcassonne (I’d promised the week before to bring in the tiles, but forgot)

Playing Carcassone in the Classroom (on a phone)

Playing Carcassone in the Classroom (on a phone)

Naturally this pic was taken by a student on his Android smart phone..

My phone and teaching..

Friday, February 4th, 2011

I should probably write this post on my phone since I got Ray to sort out ther mobile link doohickey for my blog.

So I’ve had a swanky smart phone since july (samsung galaxy s on the android platform) and slowly it’s worked it’s way into my day to day work in a variety of ways.