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SYLLABUS – VOL 4, NO 1 (2015)

Friday, January 30th, 2015


So, apart from Global Games Jam 2015 last week I’ve been away from uni since December on Maternity leave – finding time to write etc has been a little harder then I anticipated but luckily I had a few things in the pipline before I went off. One of them I’m very proud to be a part of – which is a special edition of Syllabus journal about Teaching with and about Games.



I’m also excited about reading the article from everyone else in the special edition – it’s great to see a growing body of work, and other people writing about their experiences of teaching Games Design. I also would like to thank Jennifer for making my first journal submission relatively painless (at least from my end) and all of the her and Carly’s support. After a few false starts when it comes to finding my feet and my area within research I feel like I’m getting there.