The Long-term Care Revolution Sandpit Workshop

The long-term care revolution

The Technology Strategy Board is inviting applications for participation in a revolutionary sandpit workshop in the autumn looking for novel thinking to blow apart conventional thinking about institutional long-term care.

The challenge of turning around previously disenfranchised segments of the population to create a vibrant and empowered consumer group, along with their families and carers, requires radical thinking, risk taking and multidisciplinary approaches.

The aim of this sandpit is to bring together a varied group of up to 25 individuals, who might be new entrants or existing players from across the UK, with the expectation that they work together to develop radical, risky and novel ideas that can then be developed into full proposals for industry-led Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) projects. Following on from the sandpit the TSB will be awarding up to £2.4m in such projects. Academics can be fully involved as sub-contractors in the proposals

Who do we want to join? You could be from any industry sector, for example: built environment, engineering, media, tourism, aerospace, robotics, even the military. Or from an academic field, for example engineering, design, ICT, maths, management and business studies, sociology, economics, geography, legal studies, anthropology, social policy or creative arts!

The five-day Sandpit will be held 16th-20th September 2013. You can apply from 8th April 2013. The deadline for applications is Noon 12th June 2013.

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