Horizon 2020 portal update


The Horizon Europa Website Project Team have posted the following

‘Welcome to the new website with latest information on Calls, Grants and Funding as well as workshops and training to develop the skills necessary to be successful in winning those grants.

Just about everything is new from Logo to layout, plus a new 5000+ page EU programme database specially designed for researchers and advisors,

You may already have seen the Logo video, if you haven’t and you have a minute for a bit of fun watch it here

You can find the site at www.Horizoneuropa.eu 

For existing members, profiles and subscriptions have been transferred, however you will need to log in and reset your password by following the ‘forgotten password’ link.

For non members the site has expanded dramatically, guides, newsletters and eventually videos and presentations are accessible by registering for “Free stuff!”

Follow this link to Download Our FREE 15 page “Horizon Europa’s Guide to Horizon 2020”

If you’re waiting for the Experts page to be up and running this is now fully functional click here to register.

And finally if you like what you see please share it with your colleagues

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