New look Sports Coaching courses launch from 2017

Every 5 years the University goes through a process known as ‘revalidation’. The purpose of this revalidation is to scrutinise the suite of courses offered by a department to ensure the courses uphold academic standards, are in-line with industry requirements, and most importantly offer the best opportunity to learn for students.

Following a recent successful revalidation process in May the School of Sport and Exercise have made some exciting changes to the previous Sports Development and Coaching degree. A newly structured and titled BA (hons) Sports Coaching will launch from September 2017, with a further brand-new BSc (hons) Football Coaching and Performance accelerated degree starting from September 2018.

The changes in our sports coaching provision are exciting and dynamic, only serving to improve the quality of the courses we offer and produce more highly skilled, knowledgeable and employable graduates. With student feedback being a key component and catalyst behind these changes , we feel that these changes best allow us to showcase our continued excellence, with students at the forefront of our endeavours.

The new course BSc (Hons) Football Coaching and Performance will be delivered with support and partnership from Staffordshire F.A. and key staff from The F.A. With improvements to the already successful Sport Development and Coaching degree (renamed BA (Hons) Sports Coaching) to better reflect the employment sector, with a development route for those that choose. These changes will only serve to further improve the quality of provision in the sports coaching department, and on the sports coaching course, which scored 97% for student satisfaction rate in the last NSS appraisal.

We’re sure that you will agree that exciting times are ahead for both students and staff in the Department for Sport and Exercise!

For further details on our sports coaching provision, please contact Ashley Gill.
Ashley Gill (BSc., MSc., PGCE, FHEA)
Lecturer in Sports Coaching
Course Leader: BSc Football Coaching and Performance
Teaching Excellence Fellow

Faculty of Health Sciences
School of Psychology, Sport and Exercise
Brindley Building (B182)
Leek Road Campus
Stoke on Trent

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