Staffs Sport & Exercise grows its expertise with two new Visiting Fellows

The School of Sport and Exercise has recently extended our team of industry experts to facilitate our teaching and learning team. We’re very excited to introduce you to two new Visiting Fellows from The Football Association (F.A.) who will be supporting the work within the department from September.

Jack Walton is joining us to provide expertise on grass roots development in sport, with a particular level of expertise in football. Jack has many years experience in designing and delivering coach education programmes, as well as actively coaching teams for both for performance and participation. Jack’s current role at The F.A. is leading and developing F.A. County Coach Developer’s in the North-West. Jack’s expertise and industry experience will be a real coup for the University and help improve the quality of our sport and exercise provision.

Click here to visit  Jack Walton‘s staff profile

In addition to the appointment of Jack, Nick Levett, the currentTalent Identification Manager at The F.A. is also joining us. Nick’s role is in the identification and development of talented athletes that have the potential to play for the England national team, from the senior men’s team to under-15’s in men’s and women’s football. Nick also had devised and delivers the Talent Identification courses for The F.A. Nick’s expertise and industry experience will help enhance the development and quality of a range of courses in the Department of Sport and Exercise   .

Click here to visit Nick Levett’s staff profile.

We are delighted to have both Nick and Jack join us and look forward to a productive and fruitful time here at Staffordshire University! There efforts will be very much appreciated by both students and staff.

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