Sports Coaching Student Enjoys Gains Experience in America

My first experience coaching in America was working for Challenger Sports. My first role was assigned to coaching soccer to children (3-14yo) in summer camps across California. This gave me a great opportunity to gain real work experience across mixed ages and abilities whilst getting the chance to explore California. I stayed with different host families each week and managed to visit over 20 different town and cities (incl. Portland, San Francisco, LA, San Diego, Oakland) in a 2-month period.

We were provided with our own transport with gas and wages paid for weekly during this time. One of my host families also took me to a baseball game and sand-boarding to help me settle in and further enrich my stay. During the National Holiday period we were given a week off, where I spent time in San Diego and LA with 3 of the other coaches. 

Not only did I get to coach in various places but the children that I worked with were entertaining every day and no day was the same, and i feel far more equipped and skilled in my coaching abilities as result of this. My advice to anyone would be if you want to do something go and do it, it might not be America it might be a different location but don’t let it just become an idea in your head, else you will find yourself asking yourself what if. I look forward to using this experience to enhance my learning during the remaining time of my studies.

Liam Edwards- Sports Coaching and Development student level 5

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