Staffs Host Women in Sport and Exercise Conference 2018

The “Women in Sport and Exercise Conference 2018: Blood, Sweat and Fears” is being held on 13th-14th June 2018. The focus of the conference is on the exercising female, with themes on: how to make the most of being a woman to achieve athletic success, and issues and opportunities arising from women’s participation in sport and exercise.

Baroness Sue Campbell, who is Chairperson of the Women’s Football Association, will be giving the keynote address, and Lisa O’Keefe, Director of Insight at Sport England, will be sharing the story behind their ‘This Girl Can’ campaign. We have 15 academic speakers, who will be giving inspirational talks on a range of topics, including: nutrition for the exercising female; the menstrual cycle and hormonal contraceptives; breast biomechanics; body image; bone health; differences in tactical decision making in sport between males and females; issues on women’s coaching; sources of confidence; disability female sport; exercise in pregnancy; postnatal depression; cardiovascular health and the female; homophobia; and diversity.

We are expecting a range of delegates to attend, including researchers, academics, athletes, coaches, students, and those involved in the governance of sport. The conference will provide an opportunity to share research, and to network with others.

The event forms part of our Women in Sport and Exercise Academic Network, the aim of which is to grow, strengthen and promote research on women in sport and exercise, with the goal of optimising women’s athletic success and their participation.

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