Manchester City’s Anthony Greenhouse visits SUST Clinic

Staffordshire University’s final year Sports Therapy students were given a visit and guest lecture from one of 2018 Premier League Champions Manchester City medical staff, Anthony Greenhouse. Anthony, who has worked for the club in different roles since 2008, and currently serves as the Under 23’s Physiotherapist / Sports Rehabilitator delivered a masterclass in Hamstring injury prevention, assessment and treatment as well passing on his 14-years’ experience of working in professional football.

Anthony, who is currently completing an MSc Sports Injury Rehabilitation himself, provided a short lecture on why hamstring injuries are so prevalent in football, and how practices have changed based on advancement in knowledge of risk factors associated with their onset and re-occurrence. Anthony was able to draw upon his own current research investigations into the effects of hamstring architecture and fascicle length, informing students of the emerging knowledge in this area.

The session also provided the students with practical examples of the activities the club  implement into player preparation for training sessions, conditioning activities and rehabilitation programmes when players do break down. The session ended with a discussion around the changes in practice, workloads and skills needed to be successful at the different levels of football. In addition to this Anthony discussed his own study pathway and provided “next step” advice and the importance to keep learning post-graduating.

Anthony said “Its been great to come in and help these students to feel ready for work and tell them how important the skills they bring to a football club are at all level of performance. I’ve seen the opportunities for Sports Therapist grow year on year in football and its important that clubs continue to use these graduates to support the players needs. I’ve known some of the staff here for a long time, and its great to see the mix of experience and expertise they have for this course and what they can pass on to pass on to the students ideal for them.”

The students said “its been great to have someone in who is working at a club as successful as Manchester City come in and tell us how important we can be to medical department. We got some great information passed on to us, and hearing how so much of the information we’ve been taught is used by elite athletes on a day to day basis has really given me a confidence boost just as I am about to start my career”.

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