Digital and Cyber

Work Stream Leads

Ryan Groves – Digital Forensics Specialist, Staffordshire Police,

Steve Cooper – Principal Digital Forensics Officer, Staffordshire Police,

Tina Varley, Digital Forensic Specialist, Staffordshire Police,

Saul Mace,  Digital Forensic Investigator, Staffordshire Police,

Mostafa Tajdini – Lecturer School of Computing and Digital Tech. Staffordshire University,

Dean Northfield – Senior Lecturer School of Justice, Security and Sustainability, Staffordshire University,

Adam Newberry – Senior Lecturer School of Justice, Security and Sustainability, Staffordshire University

Work Stream

Each of the 3 work streams identified by Staffordshire Police Forensic Services Department contains a variety of topic areas that require additional research and development through the partnership.  Some are reactive and others proactive, the areas identified for this work stream are listed below:

  • Anti Forensic Tools
  • Wireless Acquisition
  • New Developments – eg. Wearable Technology
  • Smarter/Faster Acquisition
  • Fusion Tablet Examination
  • CCTV Capture and Viewing
  • Environment Scanning
  • Ongoing Research and Development –Develop New R&D Opportunities


  • The work stream leads have identified the following key objectives for the work stream:
  • Ensure readiness for future technology
  • Provide expert service to the community
  • Ensure efficient examinations
  • Accelerate learning and development
  • Be ahead of the game

Potential Projects

The following have been identified within the work stream as potential projects and areas of focus to take forward:

  • Quality Standards in the Digital and Cyber World
  • Student Preparedness pre Placement
  • Deep Fakes
  • Cyborgs
  • SOMU guide
  • Android Rooting
  • Fitbits / Drones