What is the Professoriate?

The Professoriate is a forum for the Professors of Staffordshire University to influence and contribute to the advancement of University Policies and Strategies in the areas of research and Scholarship, Learning and Teaching, Enterprise, Research Governance and Staff Development.

The members of the Professoriate act as academic ambassadors and intellectual leaders, to enhance the research, scholarship, teaching and learning and enterprise culture within the University.

To facilitate this several events across the University are being supported and hosted by this group.

Currently, it is coordinated by its Chair and a core group of Professors drawn from all Faculties and subject areas.  This group meets a few times a year to discuss key issues.

The whole Professoriate normally meets twice a year with another extended meeting in summer hosted by the Vice Chancellor, which will be extended to the Emeritus and Visiting Professors, Visiting Fellows and Associate Professors.

We hope you enjoy reading the blogs and contribute to the discussions!

411 thoughts on “What is the Professoriate?

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