Friends and Family whilst at University

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I wanted to write about relationships back home whilst living away at university.

Some people go home more than others, if at all, but personally I travel home about every 2/3 weeks on a weekend to see friends and family.

Often there is a family birthday or some kind of event on so I feel inclined to go home anyway but I always get excited as I see the signs for home towards the end of my 3 hour commute. Living a fair distance from home can be annoying but I wouldn’t change Staffordshire University for the world and the location has lots of advantages. A lot of people that live away from home are within an hour or so of their homes so it is possible to pop home for a night, for me to make it worthwhile I do really need to stay for a couple of nights.

We live in a world where communicating with people all over the country is so easy so make the most of Skype, Snapchat, Facebook and picking up the phone to speak with friends and family. I Skype my family most Sundays and sometimes during the week depending on how busy I am just to check-in and let them know what I’ve been up to and find out what’s going on back home.

Your friends at university become your family so you will never be lonely but you don’t have to worry about losing touch with friends back home. When I go home and see my close friends its like I have never left. I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything back home, my friends tend to be doing the same old stuff that I can do when I go back at weekends or over summer and Christmas. I have certainly had a lot more fun, taken part in a great deal and met amazing people at university than they have whilst working back home.

For those of you with boyfriends / girlfriends this may be useful:

I have a girlfriend that I have been in a relationship with for nearly 5 years, being at university has made it hard. There’s no denying that. We knew it would be hard when we decided to go separate ways she is down at Brighton University so we are about 4 and a half hours from each other, we text, speak on the phone and Skype often but we also visit each other as much as we can either at one another’s uni’s or meeting at home which means seeing family at the same time. It takes commitment from both sides but remember you’re only at uni for 3 months then you’re home for a month at Christmas then a another few months until Easter then not long after that you’re off for a 4 month summer which can be spent together.