Introduction to Josh Beavis

What course do you study, and why did you pick it?

I am in the second year of BSc (Hons) Biology!

Ever since I began studying Biology in school I have been amazed with how such complex organisms are able to function like a finally tuned machine, it is this what drove me to find out more; pure curiosity!

Why did you choose Staffordshire University?

The key reason why I chose Staffordshire University was due to the modern scientific facilities that are available within the newly built science building.

What do you hope to do when you graduate?

My aim is to move onto a Medical Degree and hopefully train to become a Doctor!

What’s one piece of advice you would give to prospective University students?

Learn to cook!! – Even if you’re only able to cook basic meals it will help you, buying takeaways every night will ruin your bank balance!

What’s an interesting fact about you…

I have two pet tarantulas! One’s called Ruby and the other is called Max!

What’s your most treasured possession?

My Phone without a doubt! I love to stay connected with people, my phone makes life a lot easier!

Favourite TV series / Film / Book?

Favourite TV series: ‘Band of Brothers’ and ‘The Pacific’; I love any war based series to be honest!

Favourite film: Has to be ‘School of Rock’!

Favourite Book: ‘Bravo Two Zero’ by Andy Mcnab

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