Eating Out in Stoke-on-Trent

desertStoke probably isn’t best known for its diverse range of restaurants, with the exception of the vast array of takeaways (as a student you will get to know the best and the worst). While I could tell you that Brunchies will be your savior after a long night at the LRV, I’m sure this is something that you will end up just knowing like all of us did.

So instead I thought I’d tell you about some of the hidden gems of restaurants in Stoke and Newcastle, which are a bit more upmarket and pricier, but their food and cocktails are ah-mazing for a one off meal or drinks.

The Orange Tree – Newcastle-Under-Lyme

Oriental foodNow The Orange Tree is a lot more expensive than your average student can afford, but for a one off special meal it is definitely worth going here. The food is insane, and thats the only way I can describe it. The only thing that is better than the food are the cocktails, my favourite being all the P’s, a pomegranate drink. The “Zombie” is also great, and they set it on fire before delivering it to your table.

Miller and Carter  – Talke

burger and chipsI had never had a Miller and Carter before coming to university, and now I can’t think of anything that goes better with a steak than their beef dripping sauce. Their cocktails are also good, but not as good as the Orange Tree, mostly because none of these are set on fire which is hard to beat if I’m honest. But this is the best steakhouse I have come across, and everything on their menu is cooked to perfection. Also their Onion Loaf is nothing I have ever had before, and it comes with every steak so you never miss out!

The Bear Grill – Stafford

Receipt and Jelly beansThe final restaurant that I wanted to write about is a little more further afield than the others, as its in Stafford, but I was 100% won over by their little pot of gummy bears that they give you with your receipt. This is a great place to have a burger, as they have so many different kinds, my personal favourite is their Chicken Fajita Burger. They also have a few food challenges that you can take part in, which can be a fun one off thing to do with friends.


cocktailsAll of these places come with high recommendations, they are all fabulous in their own way. But if you do one thing in Stoke, go to The Orange Tree for cocktails. It will change your view on them forever.



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