My final year is approaching…

Well it’s nearly here, the final year of my degree; wow.

Only feels like a couple of months ago I was being introduced to staffs uni in general, time sure does fly when you’re having fun! I have experienced some wonderful things and met some amazing people, easily the best years of my life! And it is all going to come to finish after this year of university, quite sad when i think about it in that way.

It is the year however that everything pays off, all the hours spent studying, all the sacrifices made to ensure that I get the best mark in my degree as possible. Part of me does feel like I should have listened to people who told me to spend more time ‘enjoying student life’, you know going out, getting drunk and what not, all the other traditional student occurrences. However on the other hand maybe that kind of stuff isn’t for me?

I came to university to learn about Biology and see where it leads me and I have done just that, all the other experiences have been bonuses that I didn’t expect to obtain. I am a great believer in the idea that the most valuable experiences in life are those in which you don’t plan, as you can probably tell by now!

But lets not all forget why we truly come to university, what we sign up for, a degree. Personally mine is nearly over and I don’t want to turn around in the future and complain that I got in stupid amounts of debt (thanks to the government) for a degree that I didn’t try my hardest in!

I guess the childhood dream that I will become successful without having to do anything has truly faded away, it is clear that to reach such heights you have to dedicate a lot of time and effort. It’s the case for everybody unfortunately, we all have to do it to reach where we want to in life, if you truly want it you will get it.

well it’s nearly here, the final year of my degree; wish me luck.

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