An Introduction … to Rebecca

Hello everyone! My name is Rebecca and I have just started my first year at Staffordshire University! I am a Radio Production student and hope to bring some insight to the first year at university! I’ve been given some questions to answer and so I thought I would use them to introduce myself to you.

Why Did You Choose Your Subject/Course? 

I am a huge radio nerd and knew that it is the career that I would like to go into in the future. I’ve been doing Hospital Radio since I was 17 and have been the Drivetime presenter at my local community station for the past 9 months! So with my experience I wanted to further my job prospects by studying for a degree and I also was desperate to study radio properly. After spending three years at college studying Media and Film Studies I hadn’t had any real experience of Radio since my first year but had a complete love for it since we had looked at radio dramas. I was somewhat bored of studying television and film and was ready to follow my true passion at degree level.

Why Did You Choose Staffordshire University? 

I had looked at over 10 universities over a couple of years and had really learnt what I wanted from a university and the standards in which I expected the universities to reach if I was even going to consider them. We had driven across the country and I was able to walk into a university and make the choice whether it was industry standard within minutes of walking in. What I loved about Staffordshire is not only is it industry standard with equipment, the teachers also are still involved in the industry and still have connections within the industry. They also regularly attend talks to make sure that we are being taught the most up to date information about the industry which means the quality and passion of teaching at Staffs is incredible! My teachers are incredible at pastoral care and I had picked on that even at the open day as it was something that none of the other universities had shown. My teachers care about us immensely and I know that I can talk to them about any issues as though they were my own parents which was a really important factor to my decision. After looking around the library (that I fell in love with instantly!) and around the campus, I knew that this was “the one” that everyone tells you about!

What Do You Hope To Do When You Graduate? 

My dream at the beginning of the year and through the interview process was to be a Radio 1 DJ. Although I still think that would be fun I have decided I would love to keep my options open. I would love to be a presenter or a presenter at the BBC but I have also found a real passion for a radio station in Australia that I would love to work for. I just want to be able to  do what I love for a career and would be happy working in any radio station environment and furthering my passion of this industry.

One Piece of Advice You Would Give To Prospective University Students? 

Do your research of what you want out of your course and look at every university that you find interesting. At one point my mum and I did spend nearly every weekend travelling the country looking at universities but it is worth it in the long run when finding a university that you think appeals to you and will push you educationally. It’s not worth spending £9,000 a year on a course and university that doesn’t make you happy. Ultimately it is your choice and nobody else’s. Pick a university that you love and a course that will stretch your interests as far as possible. Make sure that the lecturers know their stuff and are genuine, if you attend more than one open day for universities that you are considering, there are chances to learn more about what the lecturers are like! I attended two open days at Staffs and the interview day and I can tell you that my lecturers are exactly as they are on an open day, there is no act and their passion is just as incredible during our lessons!

An Interesting Fact About You? 

As said previously I am a huge radio dork and being part of my community station I have had some great experiences over the past couple of years. I have interviewed the likes of NASA and been nominated for Best Newcomer at the Hospital Broadcasting Awards this year!

Most Treasured Possession?

As sad as it sounds, my most treasured possession is my stuffed lamb that I have had since I was 4 years old (16 years!!!). He still lives in my bed even at 20 years old and have been that little bit of home that I have really appreciated having here at university!

Favourite Tv Series / Film / Book?

  • I’m not a huge TV watcher but I love Twin Peaks by David Lynch! I could easily watch that over and over again!
  • I am a bit of a film dork after studying it for a couple of years at college. I love anything Pixar and Disney but also love Fight Club, The Perks of Being a Wallflower and The Book Thief! I love indie films and tend to watch them on mass!
  • I am a huge bookworm and at the current time and reading through the Harry Potter Series again! I also love The Book Thief by Zusack and the trilogy of books by Stephanie Perkins! I own more books than I have space for and love to spend my Sundays with a good book!

I hope this gives you a nice introduction to myself and I cannot wait to tell you all about my experiences here at Staffordshire University!

Lots of Love,



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