Is it a Bird? Is it a plane? Don’t be silly it’s the Marvel Society!

marvel society sitting together in the Ember lounge

Marvel society sitting together in Ember Lounge

New for 2015 the Marvel society “brings together fans of the Marvel franchise, to hangout and make new friends on campus”. With alternating weekly social get together in Ember Lounge and film nights on camp
us why not share your passion for all things super hero – and of course super villain.

But the society isn’t all about sitting around reading comics and watching films there’s loads of new ideas that the society is aiming towards this year.

andrew keating sitting in Ember Lounge“Though we are a niche society, we try to accommodate for everyone. We plan all types of events, for those who like to drink and party or those who just want to chill”  Andrew Keating.

For the most recent StokeConTrent, members were out in force, using their super hero strength to set up the exhibition areas and skill to direct visitors and celebs around the event. The society is looking at other ComicCon events around the country to visit as a group and even get discounts for its members, along with plans to join forces with other societies to try out new activities and trips.


With the society only starting this September there has been an impressive 37 students signed up and active within he society. But why have so many members joined so quickly?

“Because I love marvel and it’s interesting to hear after people that have a common interest” Derrelle-Lesley

“Caters to a very specific interest, so everyone within the society gets along” Katie Roberson

“The comics and coffee” Tara Daniels


katie roberson sitting in Ember LoungeA quick piece of advice for all of the new students:

“Join the Marvel society, or any society that interests you, it’s a great way to make new friends” Katie Roberson



Will Marvel Society bring out the super hero in you? To join this band of heroes discussing theories, head canons and other aspects of the comic world, take a look at their facebook page and sign upon the students’ union website.

Why wait? Or are you plotting on taking over campus by creating a DC comics society?

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