How To Dress For An Interview

4 ladies sat down waiting for an interview

Ladies sitting waiting for an interview

Dressing the part for an interview is very crucial in whether an employer sees you fit enough to work for their establishment or not. Having a perfect CV with great skills may not always be enough as there will be others with the same or even more so you need to make yourself stand out which is what an interview is there for. Make a great first impression and give them a reason to offer you the job by having the perfect interview outfit:

  1. Know the company dress code (some companies may ask you to wear something that you wouldn’t actually be wearing if you get the job but they will normally tell you before you attend the interview)
  2. Dress for the job you’ve applied for (you wouldn’t go to an interview for a server wearing jeans and you wouldn’t go to an urban outfitters interview wearing a suit!)
  3. Extra CV’s is a must.
  4. Wear a great pair of shoes! (Lads- polished shoes, Ladies- closed toe heels and if you can’t walk in heels then a stylish pair of flats.)

Always keep it classy, showing too much skin will come off as you not being serious and trying to use your assets to bag the job which isn’t what you want! Closed toe shoes are highly ideal and ladies wear tights with your dresses (unless the company states otherwise). Going over the top with accessories is also a no no as you don’t want to distract the employer.

Make sure to observe the company and the way the employees dress before attending the interview as you want to wear an outfit that fits the job. Make sure you look clean and tidy and that you smell nice and fresh! Nobody wants to employ someone who comes across as unhygienic.

I hope these tips have been very helpful and if you need help on where to buy your interview gear, great places are : ZaraTopshopMissguided and H&M but to name a few.